here we go

The end is in sight. The long awaited new cd is on the horizon. You may not have been long awaitin' it, but I have. It's a cd. There are 11 songs. There are a couple songs for you to sample in the little player to the left. They are not yet completely mixed and mastered, but they're close enough to give you a taste.

What's the title of the cd?

eh . . . not sure . . . still working on that

When will it drop?

late fall . . . Octember?, Septober? . . . I'll be more specific when I know for sure. We still need to do some final mixing, mastering and mass production.

Is it good?

hope so

If the cd is not ready, what's the point of the new website and this announcement?

This announcement is to get you ready for the release. I may come up with a special offer for pre-orders. I'll let you know soon. It's also to provide booking information. If you are interested in booking, select the contact/booking link above and send me a note. I'd love to play at your venue, house or festival.

Is this site only going to be music stuff now, or will you get back to blogging more regularly?

I've spoken with many people during my nearly year long hiatus from this blog about my apprehensions of being a teacher and being a blogging machine as I once was. It still weirds me out a bit. However, the internet is pretty much a necessary tool for promoting music, especially a new cd, which believe it or not, was not free to make. So, what does all that mean? I'll do my best to keep you up to date on life. I've been all but scolded by my grandma and many others for my absence.