we win??

It was a long, hard battle, but we came out victorious . . . more or less. I knew that buying a house wasn't easy, but I never expected a stress-filled two week tournament of bidders. Basically, here's how it went:

1. We see the house, like it and make a bid. We do so quickly because we've heard that there is some other interest.
2. The seller (a bank) makes a counter offer.
3. We make a counter counter offer.
4. We wait and hear nothing.
5. We finally hear from the bank. Our offer was not accepted, and there are now four bids on the house.
6. Two bids are eliminated, but we are still alive. We're in the finals. Oh the pressure.
7. We make one final bid.
8. We wait.
9. We finally hear that our bid was barely higher. We don't know the exact numbers, but we hear it was super close.
10. Now we have to go through the "hard" part of actually buying the house.

A little bit about the house: As you can see, it needs some work. The tarps on the roof were put on mostly as a precaution by the bank, but we will be putting on a new roof soon after closing. Most of the floors inside have been removed. That will be project #2. There is a lot of other work to be done, but that's okay with us. The needed repairs made the loan application process a bit tricky so far, and we're still nervous about problems arising before we close. Our closing date is September 5th. Jeremiah is a big fan of the blue roof. The house has three bedrooms, 2.33 bathrooms (there's a random toilet in one room), two furnaces (still not sure why), a 2 car garage, lime green carpet in the living room (one of the only floors that was not removed), about 6 porches and way more space than we have stuff.