the ups and downs of the past few days

- Today at practice as I stepped into the huddle to call a play, the quarterback looked at me and said, "Coach, where are my ovaries?" He later claimed that he was joking, but I highly doubt it.

- Robin passed her driving test. We practiced manuverability for hours the night before in the cul de sac, using homeade cones that Brad and I built out of scrap wood. I'm thinking about starting a driving school. I got the cones; what else do I need?

- The bank is playing games with us and hasn't yet officially accepted our offer. They actually tried to counter offer again, but our realtor took care of it. I don't know how, and I'm not asking questions. We're hoping that we can sign a contract tomorrow. The whole thing is making us quite irritated and nervous. There's a really good chance that our closing date will be later than September 5th.

- We got a notice from the IRS that said there was a mistake with our tax returns from 2006. We have to pay $601. This is not the best time for us to be paying $601.

- We went to an Indians game last night. Jackie, our realtor, had two extra tickets that were behind home plate and close to the field. It was a good game and a lot of fun.

- Brad and Krystal bought a ping pong table. We were up pretty late the other night ponging it up.