on the eve of the first day of school

Well, kinda the first day of school. I won't have students until Tuesday, but we have teacher convocation and meetings tomorrow. I'm psyched. Trail mix is awesome. It was rainy and cool today. It hasn't rained much since we returned, so I didn't mind. What should I do for Spanish IV this year? Pizza bagels are equally awesome, but that's old news. We got free tickets to an Akron Aero's game tomorrow. "They say: you snooze, you loose. Well, I have snost and lost." Not much has happened lately with the house. The last thing we heard was that the selling bank hadn't signed the purchase contract yet. We nearly have enough floor samples to create a free (plus shipping and handling) mosaic of the first floor floors. I signed up for fantasy football again. It's hard being the reigning champ. I feel like I have a bullseye painted on my back. It's also hard to spell reigning. Is that right? Only 36 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes and 11 seconds until Malone College becomes Malone University. "She can't decide if I'm a king or trash. She loves me for the Johnny, but she hates me for the Cash." The ceiling of a regulation ping pong court is supposed to be at least 16 feet high. I doubt they "play it off the ceiling" in the olympics like we do in the basement. I miss pineapple. It's still Wednesday in Costa Rica. Life has felt super busy for the last month, and I haven't even been teaching yet. What's it going to be like when I am teaching four levels of Spanish and working on a house? What is the past participle of "seem"? Seemed? Semt? I should really be sleeping. Maybe I am.