Dear Giant Eagle Cashier Lady,

Apparently you are not a regular reader of this blog. If you were, you would have seen this post from earlier in the year, and you would know that I don't let supermarket descrepencies go by without making a fuss.

I realize that the confusion this morning may have been my own fault. I saw the sign that said:

Donuts and bagels - $.70 each or $6.99 for a dozen

. . . and I assumed that I could come up with any combination of 12 donuts and bagels and pay just $6.99. I'm still pretty sure that assumption was correct, but that's not where the problem began. My mistake was to put 5 bagels in one box and 7 donuts in another box. I then proceeded to bring the two boxes to your register. You probably remember the next part. You asked me how many donuts were in the boxes. I said I had 5 bagels and 7 donuts, and you charged me $.70 per unit, which came to a grand total of $8.40. $8.40 is roughly $1.41 more than $6.99 (the price advertised).

What I should have said was, "I have 12" and left it at that. I figured that you would see 5 and 7 as 12 and realize that 12 is a dozen and charge me $6.99. Instead, you saw 5 as 5 and 7 as 7 and charged me $.70 for each of them. I had to get the goods to Sunday School class stat, so I didn't have time to argue. But now I do. I expect a written apology and a check for $1.41 within the next week.