welcome to the 20th century

Robin and I just got cell phones. They were free with our plan, so they're nothing special. But to us, they're pretty awesome. They have cameras and color screens and mp3 players. We've never had anything close to that. In Costa Rica, there was only one special feature we were interested in: signal (it was often hard to come by). Robin has been playing with hers for the past hour or so. I am still a bit too intimidated by the gadgetry. If you want my new number, you can call my home phone and ask me for it, or you can call my temporary cell phone and ask for it, or you can email me and ask for it. If you don't know my home phone number, my temporary cell number or my email address, you're probably an internet stalker and I don't want you calling me anyway.

In other news,

-football: two-a-days start tomorrow

-trying to buy a house: not an easy process

-finishing my grad courses: two weeks left. I will be a pretty happy guy when they are finished (if I pass).