una arriba fecha

It's almost Thursday already, and I still have a lot left to do this week. I have to write a pretty lengthy paper sometime before Saturday morning. I'm not sure when that will happen.

Yesterday we left the lunch meat with a sitter and headed out to run some errands. We stopped at Kurt and Carla's house to get a few things. We don't really want to move all of our stuff out until we have a house in which to put it. Basically, we got our computer, which has some needed information, some old East Canton Football shirts for me to wear to practices, some clothes hangars and a couple guitars. The guitars weren't really necessary, but . . .

Today we looked at a house and then went to get Robin's license renewed. It expired while we were in Costa Rica. She was hoping that her valid Costa Rican license would be enough for her to easily renew her Ohio license. No such luck. She had to get a temporary permit, take a written test and sign up for a driving test. She can't take the test until August 12th. Until that time, she is not permitted to drive without another licensed adult in the vehicle. When they were giving her the temporary permit, they asked if she wanted information about driver's ed instructors. Included in her packet of information was a shiny, reflective "student driver" sticker. If her car weren't also my car (we only have one at the moment), that sticker would be proudly displayed by now. I feel bad for Robin but not bad enough to not have some fun. You should join in. Here are some suggested things to say or write to her. You can use these as starters or come up with your own. Be creative.

-Hey Robin, want to go log some hours? I'll ride along.
-Woah! Get off the roads. Robin's almost legal.
-See if you can borrow your dad's car this weekend, so we can go to Tammy Sanderson's party at the lake. I hear Ricky will be there. Cuz ya know, we're like in high school and that's the kinda stuff we like do. So, yeah . . .
-Are your parents going to buy you a car, or will you have to work at Dairy Queen to earn some money?

-Special bonus points to anyone who takes her to a high school parking lot and sets up some cones for her to practice maneuverability.