thought for food

Grapes are good.

Plums are like giant grapes.

Thus, plums are like giant good.

Today while we were at Mom and Dad's house, mom gave us some lunch meat to take home. That's not really as strange as it may sound. The lunch meat where they live is much better and much cheaper than it is where we live. The drive is about 40 minutes, and we wanted to be sure to get the meat home and back in the fridge before too long. While we were driving . . .

Robin: Maybe on the way home, we can stop and get some of our stuff from Kurt and Carla's basement (where it's being stored)?
Me: That would be good . . . but we gotta get this lunch meat home.
Robin: Oh yeah.
-about 15 minutes later-
Robin: Hey, can we go to Lowe's to look at some things?
Me: We could but . . .
Robin: right . . . the lunch meat.
Me: Wow, life was so much easier before we had lunch meat.
Robin: No kidding. We could go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted.
Me: And it didn't take us so long to get loaded into the car.
Robin: Yeah. That was nice. Sometimes I see young couples who don't yet have lunch meat, and I feel a little jealous.
Me: Me too. Don't get me wrong, I love the lunch meat and I wouldn't want to be without it for even a day, but it sure keeps us busy.
Robin (looking in the back seat and smiling): Yes it does.

We continued on for awhile. We found ourselves to be pretty darn funny, but no one else was there to witness it.