pringles + green tea = crazy delicious

- Recently I've been flirting with an addiction to both of them.

- I just got done writing up a report for one of my classes and then watched it disappear into thin cyber air when I tried to post it. I think most people have experienced the "lose what you've spent hours writing" phenomenon. There is not much more frustrating than that. I held back the tears pretty well, and I didn't throw the computer.

- Yesterday we went with the mission team to the beach. We left at 4:30 am (I was up at 3:30). It was a four hour trip. On the way, we stopped for a canopy tour (zip lines). Then we beached it up for awhile and drove four hours back home. I was a bit tired by the time we got home. How tired? When we got home, there was a cockroach crawling on our bed. I gave a minimal effort to kill it before I stopped caring and just went to bed. (Robin thinks I did kill it because she saw a dead cockroach body under the bed. It had actually been there before, but I let her believe it was the one I was trying to kill so she could sleep peacefully . . . so I could sleep peacefully. ) When I woke up in the morning, I was in the exact position I had been when I went to sleep. That never happens. I'm usually a light/active sleeper.

- The number of things we have to do is starting to outnumber the number of days we have left. We are trying to plan a trip for this weekend but haven't settled on anything yet. Things are a bit more complicated now that we sold the car.