one week

. . . and we still don't have a house or any kids. Unacceptable.

We are starting to settle in a bit. I've had two football practices and a few other meetings. It's starting to slowly come back to me. I'm remembering the basic rules of the game, and I think I can now say "football" without habitually putting "american" in front of it. Did I mention that along with being the offensive coordinator, I am also the defensive line coach? Defensive line! For most of my life, the defensive linemen have been the guys I run away from. Now I have to teach them. It's gone pretty well so far. I just keep thinking that if I taught 7th grade Chemistry, I can do anything. Maybe I'll try cutting Robin's hair tonight.

We have walked through a few houses, but we haven't made any decisions yet. We have some more to see.

We've been having fun with Jeremiah and Isaac. They can play for hours without getting tired.

Robin's dad and Ann are coming to visit us today.