The idea was

that I would post some pictures of our little vacation, and then while I was posting pictures, I'd post some of the others we've collected from the events of the last couple weeks. When I started looking through the pictures, I realized that there were way too many for one post. So, I'll post pictures from our beach trip today and post others later. I also have a video that some students made that I want to post, but I'm still working on making it small enough to upload. So without further Freddy Adu . . .
the pool area of our hotel
water aerobics
Robin on the second tee . . . quiet please
the beach
Robin on her horse

Hey there Roy Rogers. (Did Roy Rogers ride horses?)
Some of our students were staying at the same hotel.
The ferry. I named him Danny.
cool clouds captured from the ferry
I'll throw a few of these on too since they were taken tonight. Due to a price hike and some ongoing "negotiations" with the other gym, we've been playing Monday night basketball at our school lately. Today was my last time to play, so Robin came down and took some pictures. This is me about to dunk.
A few guys resting. The guy in the middle of the three is Vince Vaughn Kemp. It's hard to see from here, but you can sort of tell that he looks like Vince Vaughn.
And this is where the Kemp comes from.
Vince's real name is Edwin. Just past his left arm you see Sergio. For nearly every Monday night for the last year and a half, I've had the pleasure of getting pushed around by Sergio for a couple hours. I'll sure miss that. Actually I will. I'm really going to miss Monday night basketball. It's been a lot of fun, and the guys who play are great. Awhile ago I had this idea to make a bunch of posts about things I will miss and not miss about Costa Rica. I haven't had time for that, so I'll probably put them all into one post sometime in the next week or so.