hm . . . that kinda snuck up on us

This is our last night in Costa Rica. Really? It can't be. It doesn't seem possible, but it is. We haven't not lived in Costa Rica in a long time. In about eight hours we will get on a plane and leave. Strange. I have to go weigh suitcases. Here are some more pictures from the last couple weeks.
Robin's 10th graders in a tree
a farewell breakfast thrown by 10th and 11th graders
Robin with her 10th graders
the 7th grade farewell party (Hopefully Matt doesn't see this and realize how much food was consumed in the Science lab.)
some 7th grade boys
7th graders
the 9th grade farewll party
Robin with her 9th grade girls
Robin and Carolina - the social studies teacher
Kevin and I posing as raperos ganster. He is a much better rapero gangster than I am.
some 9th grade girls singing to Kristin and Robin