That was my time for the 2 mile race I ran today. I think it was the first race I've run since track and field day in 4th grade. I'm not a runner. It hurts. It's boring. I've never really understood people who run. I love being active: basketball, biking, tenis, freeze tag. But running? Nah. Robin is one of those people who likes to run. One of the things she was looking forward to when we returned was running in some local races. Today's race was part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction activities. Robin decided she wanted to participate. So did Carla, Keely, Krystal, Jen and Tim. (Kurt was going to run until he saw that there was a charge - I almost withdrew for the same reason). I decided I might as well give it a try too. My main reason was that I don't have as many chances to exercise as I did when I was playing a bunch of basketball and tennis in Costa Rica. About a week and a half ago, Robin and I began "training" for the race. Immediately, I remembered why I don't like to run. It hurts (mainly the back) and it's boring.

I felt a bit out of place when we arrived today. East Canton has always been a big running school, and I hung around the track team quite a bit when Robin and I were dating at Malone. So I somewhat understand the running culture, but I've never really been part of it. I showed up in my EC Football shorts, old tennis shoes and a white t-shirt. Most everyone else had special running shorts, high-tech ultra fit shirts, electric running shoes which I'm pretty sure are propelled by the tiny ipods connected to their arms.

Despite my fashion flubs, I actually had fun. There were 882 runners, so the beginning was a bit tight. If not for the crowds, I could have probably had a better time - maybe 16:14 or so. Things eventually spread out, and I was able to extend my gazelle-ish legs. The course was a bit easier than what Robin and I had been running in our neighborhood. I didn't have too much trouble until the last big hill to the finish line, but even that wasn't bad. My shoe came untied with about a quarter mile remaining, but I didn't make it case. I carried on.

My time was 218th overall and 12th among males between 26-30. And only one eight year-old had a better time (that's not a joke - check out #133). I was hoping they'd have a category for clumsy, former football players. I could have placed pretty well in that group. I had planned on this being my farewell race on the way to retirement, but now I don't know. Maybe I'll try running some more. Did I mention that it hurts . . . and it's boring? Robin and the gang are already planning for the next race. It's on a day when I'll have football, so I can't run. But if I could, I might.