wait a minute . . .

. . . you're telling me that there are places on the internet that are not part of Indiana University's online Masters program? I've actually had a lot to write about this week but little time and less energy. Today was our last day of teaching. I should probably be reflective and emotional, but I'm just too exhausted. This week is spiritual emphasis week. A group of students from College Church in Wheaton, Illinois (where we took our students in January) is here to help with activities. As a part of each day, the students participate in different workshops. It has gone really well so far. I've been running a football workshop. I do it twice each day, once for 10th/11th graders and once for 7th/8th/9th graders. It's been fun, but it usually means three hours in the sun followed by a day of teaching. As much as I'd like to avoid it, I usually end up playing in the football games. Yesterday's activities also included chapel, and then I played basketball last night. So most of my energy today has been devoted to not falling over. Tomorrow we are taking all of the high school students to two different elementary schools for a service project.

Another frequent activity of the last week and a half has been goodbye parties. Lots of cake and sweets. I must say that I was most impressed by the 7th grade party. It included a lot of decoration, German donut cake and a bunch of cards and letters.

A few funny comments from the week:

When asked to describe her feelings about spiritual emphasis week, one student wrote, "I am sad because my ticher is living next wik." I should mention that this same student spelled "hands" g-e-a-n-s on a recent quiz and that in Spanish, "i" sounds like "ee".

On one of the letters from a few seventh graders, "If your marriage takes a wrong turn, call us".

Yesterday, Edwin (a 9th grader) said to me:

Edwin: I have a secret for you
Me: really?
Edwin: Yeah, but you can't tell anyone
Me: ok
Edwin: We are going to do something special for you tomorrow. There will be cake.
Me: um . . . I think the person to keep that secret from is me. It really wouldn't do much harm for anyone to know that . . . except me.
Edwin: You know nothing
Me: Actually, I know . . . nevermind . . . I know nothing