I think my head is bleeding

I hit it on the back hatch of the car as I was unloading things when we got home today. The car was getting me back for driving it at top speed into a giant pothole earlier today. I did that to get it back for driving me nuts with the incessant click-click-click-click-click of the super secret alarm (which is currently malfunctioning and activating every 15 seconds). Oh vicious cycle!

We read the book Hatchet in 10th/11th grade. If you've read it, you know that Brian, the main character, gets attacked by a moose. When asked on his test to talk about some of Brian's struggles throughout the story, one student wrote:

One defeat was when the bullwinkle attacked him.

Its nice to have some comic relief while grading tests. Although too much comic relief can quickly become more frustrating than funny.

Here are some pictures of 7th graders with their atom projects. Each student is standing under his/her project, but its kinda hard to see.

Daniel's atom fell apart, so it's not hanging up.