goodbye apartment, goodbye car, goodbye furniture, goodbye computer?

We are out of our apartment, and all the furniture has been distributed. We moved most of it yesterday and left the big stuff for today. Remember this? We are feeling much of the same now. It was a good place, and it was owned, guarded, managed and home to good people. It's strange to not live there anymore. I bet that if I were in the bed upstairs and you put a blindfold on me, I could make my way to the fridge downstairs, take out an apple, wash it and sit on the couch to eat it without any problem. In other words, I knew the place well.

I just got back from selling the car. I haven't sold many cars in my life. I usually buy them when they're half dead and then finish the job before I call someone to come pick up the scrap. Despite all my bickering, the car was good to us. Life would have been 13 times more difficult without it. I can honestly say I will miss it.

I was working on my online courses today when my computer screen went black. In fact, I'm just kinda guessing now as I type (just teasing - this is Robin's computer). I haven't been able to get it to come back. Maybe he's upset about the car.

more later . . . I have some pictures I need to put up.