Do you ever get the feeling that nobody's listening?

If you're a teacher, you probably do.

Yesterday in 7th grade class, we were reading a story about the Titanic. It was stated early on that the disaster occured in 1912. Plus, most of the kids have seen the movie and know that it happened a long time ago. After reading a part of the story that mentioned the reaction as survivors started arriving in the US, I said, "I remember watching this on TV when it happened. The whole country was shocked and amazed. We couldn't believe it."

There was not so much as a funny expression from any of the students.

He's back . . .

The walking bottle of ketchup. And this time he brought some rowdy friends. I had a sore throat on Thursday and Friday. It has now transfered to a congested cold, for which I have taken generic Nyquil, which is why my friend has decided to show up again. He thinks he's so tough. He wouldn't be if he weren't wearing shoulder pads and a bicycle helment . . . and of course if Sponge Bob weren't here to watch his back.

Here is what the cold has done to my voice. The funny thing is that it affects me more when I speak Spanish than when I speak English. I discoved that at the gas station and the store today.