2 weeks and 1 day

until we are finished with school. It would be nice if those two weeks and that one day were going to be peaceful and relaxing, but they won't. It will be one of the busiest 15 day periods we've known in awhile. Kristin, the other English teacher, is having an operation and will need a couple weeks to recover. Starting tomorrow, Robin and I will each be teaching an additional class. Also starting tomorrow are the two courses I'm taking online for my Master's degree. I'm not sure why they start on a Friday, but they do. Also starting tomorrow (and finishing tomorrow) is a Father's Day breakfast, which includes the leading of music. Not necessarily starting tomorrow but included in the next couple weeks will be Spiritual Emphasis week and the required preparations (a team from Chicago is coming to help), the attempted sale of a bunch of stuff and the transferring of classes to the teachers who will be taking over for us.

Can I interest you in a dryer?