What do Drew Gooden, Fidel Castro, Brad and the town of Malvern have in common?

They were all part of my dream last night.

There was some kind of big war going on between East Canton and Malvern. Drew Gooden and I had been captured and forced to be on the Malvern side. Fidel Castro was our fearless leader. He was also considered some kind of coach. Drew decided to try to escape. He ran away and made it as far as the river before he decided to come back. Fidel, who was surprisingly friendly and understanding, asked him a few questions about why he had left and gave him a verbal warning. I think they even hugged afterwards. Then, it was time for battle. We all were wearing Malvern t-shirts as we took off running towards East Canton. As we neared the city, we saw Brad and a bunch of other Eastcantonians. They were yelling that they weren't ready for battle yet. Then, I woke up.