sorry little buddy

Yesterday afternoon, while playing basketball, I tried to deflect a pass using only the pinky finger on my left hand. Well, I didn't "try" to deflect the ball. It was more of a natural reaction to raise my hand, and the ball hit only my pinky. Either way, ouch. I don't think it's broken, but it's definitely bruised and swollen. It's just the pinky on my left hand. Life really shouldn't be any different without the use of one little insiginficant finger, right? I'm finding out today that this is true until you . . .

- play the guitar
- try to count higher than 9
- catch a football
- punch someone
- give a good high 5 (In CR, all high fives must be given with the left hand. Using the right hand is considered disrespectful)
- enter a pinky wrestling tournament
- fold your hands to pray
- eat a banana
- type a blog