in honor of cinco de mayo . . .

. . . I will share with you today's joke of the day from 10th/11th grade class. Maybe by doing so, I can redeem myself from the last joke, which apparently was slightly beyond the intelect of many readers. Are you ready?

There are three boy dogs sitting around: a rottweiler, a doberman and a chihuahua. A very pretty girl collie walks up to them, and they are all stunned by her beauty.

Collie: Whichever one of you can use the words "liver" and "cheese" in a creative sentence can be my boyfriend dog (dogfriend?).

Rottweiler (proudly): I got it. I like to eat liver and cheese.

Collie: That's not very good. You lose.

Doberman: Oooh I know. I don't like to eat liver and cheese.

Collie: Really? That's worse than the Rottweiler.

Chihuahua: Hey guys, liver alone cheese mine!