I am cool

I wore this shirt to class today. We've been studying the periodic table in 7th grade Science. Matt found this shirt somewhere in the back of his closet and told me I should wear it. I did. You wish you had one, but you don't. The best part: You know how sometimes you're eating lunch and someone asks you the atomic mass of Cobalt, and you usually have to just kinda shrug your shoulders and guess. Well, I didn't have to guess today. I just looked down at my awesome shirt and felt pretty smart. The worst part: Robin was pointing to some of her favorite elements, and it really tickled.
Since I had the camera at school, here is a picture of Robin. She is not cool enough for a periodic table shirt, but she's still pretty.
It just so happened that today the 7th graders had to get their picture taken for the yearbook. I took my camera out to get a few shots of them. There are two absent.

Just for the record, Robin's favorite element is number 97. Look it up.