how one feels when there is a tarantula in the house . . . take 2

I know a lot of people didn't get to see the video clip last time, so here it is. I found a different one. Hopefully this one doesn't disappear too.

This weekend has been good. We didn't do much Friday. Yesterday we went out to lunch for Robin's birthday (which is really tomorrow) and then went to Matt and Lisa's for dinner and some games. Today I played tennis and swam in the morning, went to church, video conferenced with the gang at Grandpa Crandall's birthday party (his birthday is actually tomorrow), watched the Cavs lose to Kevin Garnett (his birthday is actually tomorrow) and the Celtics, watched The Princess Bride starring Andre the Giant (his birthday would be tomorrow), read a biography on Malcom X (whose birhtday would also be tomorrow), listened to Pete Townsend (Birhtday . . . tomorrow . . . is he still alive?) rockin' on one of my old The Who cds and did some schoolwork.

If you doubt me/have a bunch of free time, look up all those folks and see if they were really born on May 19th. They were.