exam week, a dream and sacred doritos

This week was exam week. Exam week is usually a pretty stressful week for students but a rather relaxing week for teachers. We really only have two classes each day, and we just administer tests. It's usually a time to get caught up on a bunch of work. That was not the case this week. A slew of meetings, music practices, devotionals, birthday celebrations and wrestling matches ate up most of our extra time. So now instead of being rested and caught up, I am behind on work. Instead of one of our usual Friday night activities like going to da club or vandalizing houses in our neighborhood, we stayed home last night, and I worked on plans.

I had a dream last night that I drove to the grocery store here in CR. When I got there, I saw Uncle Wally and Uncle Bob ready to tee off at a nearby golf course. They told me to come play with them. I had to run home first to get something. I don't remember what it was. I know it wasn't golf clubs because I told them I didn't have any. I remember being really excited. On the way home, I had to walk over a long wooden foot bridge.

On Wednesday while I was in a meeting, Robin and Kristen went to get lunch and brought me back a sandwich, a drink and some doritos. I ate the sandwich, but we had another meeting that day, so I saved the doritos. I planned on eating them that night at home. Maybe instead of "planned" I should say I anxiuosly awaited the sweet nachoey goodness. I was pretty excited. Somehow, I forgot about them until about 10:00, so I figured I would eat them the next day at school. The next day at school I forgot about them again . . . and so on for the next few days. I kept forgetting about them, and I haven't eaten them yet. The longer I've had them, the more my excitement has grown about them. Now when I do remember my secret stash, I'm afraid to eat them for fear of not taking full advantage of them. Unfortunately, I've put the doritos up on a figurative snack food pedastal so that that my expectations could never be met by the contents of the little red bag. Why? I just want some doritos!

Does this ever happento you?


hm . . .