a dead battery, video game violence and the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies

We went to Los Guizaros today for the first time in about three months. We would like to go more often, but its been difficult with the busyness of school and the independability (??) of an '88 Corolla. It was nice to see everyone again. There were quite a few new helpers, some who are at language school now and others who were just visiting. I was playing street soccer after lunch with some of the boys. I think I've mentioned before that the ball often goes in the ditches on the side of the road and that the water in the ditches is quite gross and that the boys all but dive in after the ball. Well today, the ball not only went into a ditch but into a culvert. Thankfully it was too small for them to go into because they probably would have tried. We followed the path of the pipe and found a man hole cover type thing. I was able to grab one of the corners and lift it up. Afterwards, I kinda wished I hadn't because the boys started jumping down in to look for the ball. After a few minutes, they got it out. I was glad to put the lid back on the sewer and be done with it.

Did you hear about this? Pretty cool. I can't say I would have done the same.

If you like free music (who doesn't), you can click on the picture below to download a 6 song EP from Arthur Alligood. He is giving away the EP to introduce people to his music. I would recommend it. I would also recommend his last full-length cd, Under the Gray. Arthur has a very distinct style and voice, and he is a great lyricist.