Our 10th and 11th grade students think they're pretty funny. They attempted to pull a sweet April Fool's Day trick on us today. At a certain time, they all got up and left our (mine, Robin's and Kristen's) classes. I was impressed by their organization, but their overall acting left a lot to be desired. It took me about seven seconds to realize what was going on. They had mentioned April Fool's Day a few times earlier in the class, so I knew it was on their minds. Plus, they all got up and left quickly without a word. Robin's students did better. They pretended to all be angry and storm out. Anyway, I promised them that I would get them back. Given the levity of their clever prank, payback is not really necessary. But hey - if you have a reason to mess with students, why not go for it?

So . . . how should I repay them?

Here are my ideas so far:

1. They have a quiz on Friday. I could make it super difficult by including off-the-wall questions.

2. I could give them a normal quiz. Then when I return the quiz on Monday, I could mark them all up, give them all failing grades and scold the students harshly.

3. I could send home angry notes to parents.

4. I could make up a fake bulletin to be passed out at the end of the day (a typical means of communication to parents) which states that the school will be closing next year and that the students need to start looking for new schools.

5. I could get really angry/upset/disappointed one day during class, start crying and see how they react.

I'll keep thinking. If you have any ideas, let me know.