pictures and a video of the retreat

Check out the slide show thingy to see a bunch of pictures, but I wanted to point out a few special ones.

This little guy was in our room the first night. Yes, it was real. Yes, it was alive. Yes, one of the guys killed it with a flashlight.
This was one of the scariest parts of the weekend. The guitar in Ricardo's hands is mine. He is not really playing it. They are performing a skit, and he is pretending that the guitar is a "Guitar Hero" game. In the heat of the acting moment, he picked it up on the stage. During the course of the skit, he banged it on a bench and the ground. I cringed and cried, but the guitar survived.
This was my group. I bet you're wondering why I'm not in the picture. I was about 45 feet in the air waiting to jump off a platform and swing on a cable. But I couldn't jump because my group, who was taking this picture, would not get out of the way at the bottom. I don't know if you've ever jumped off a 45 foot high tree house, but I can tell you that the last thing you want to do is sit there for a long time and think about it.
When they finally moved, I did this.