movin' on up

Our apartment's score on the quality of life index has risen by a few points in the last two days. It all started yesterday. I was on my way home from taking some things to Robin for her girly sleepover at the school, and I decided to stop at a store to see if they had any fans. They had a bunch of them on sale for about $12. One of the workers spent a lot of time showing me how they worked, so I figured I should buy one. It's pretty cheap quality. I think the blades are made of construction paper. I don't know if it will last for 3 months. I was actually surprised it survived the ride home. It didn't come in a box. I just grabbed it, paid, walked out with it and threw it in the back of the car. It seems to work pretty well, but it emits a funny smell.

After the arrival of the fan, other things started improving around here. This morning, I put some bread in the toaster and pushed down the lever. It stayed down . . . by itself. I didn't have to put a jar of peanut butter on it or anything. And when I got in the car today and started it . . . it stalled . . . but only twice. Things are looking up.