in class today

while studying two-part verbs (turn on, turn up, put on, take off, throw away . . . etc.)

Me: Tell me something you can take out.

Student #1: a dog

Me: Good. What else?

Student #2: your homework

Me: Good

Student #3: a cat

Me: Ok, I guess you could take out a cat. Another example?

Student #4: your girlfriend

Me: Yeah, you can take your girlfriend out to dinner.

Student #5: your mom

Me: That's nice. You can take your mom out. Good. What else?

Student #6: a cow

Me: Ok good. Another examp . . . wait, did you just say a cow? How do you take a cow out?

Student 6 (makes a motion like she is grabbing a cow's leash and pulling it): Like this.