and . . . we're back

back from a retreat and back from the beach.

I was at the 7th, 8th and 9th grade retreat on Wednesday and Thursday. It went really well. 11 7th grade boys and I slept in a cabin with 10 beds. I should have pictures later.

Yesterday, we went to the beach. Josh and Christy Meyer, who are getting ready to begin at language school and will be teaching at LPDV next year, had been staying at a hotel at the beach for the last week. They needed to come back a day early to take care of some things, so they offered us their room (and the all-inclusive meals) for the last night. It didn't take much to convince us. We were happy to help out. We had a very nice time swimming, sunning, eating, resting and eating.

I got some good Hat Stanley pictures over the last few days.

This is me getting ready to drive the bus to the retreat.
Me, preparing lunch for the students on Thursday
They were in need of some entertainment on Wednesday night, so I offered my magician services

I also sat in with the band (somewhere in Utah????)

This is me bungee jumping at camp. Weeee!!!

This is me surfing at the beach yesterday. Dude!

Ok, the truth is that I forgot to take Hat Stanley to the retreat. I remembered to take him to the beach, but I forgot the camera. I hope the EC baseball team can forgive me.