weekend tidbits

Would you eat a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread?
Robin and I have been discussing this point for probably over a year. She seems to think its perfectly normal. I disagree. I just finished my first ever PB on wheat (we have no white bread). I guess it wasn't disastrous, but it still didn't seem right.

From class on Friday: The 10th and 11th graders were playing catchphrase. The word was "colorvision":

Girl who had the beepy thing: The box you have at your house that you watch
The mob: TV!!
Girl: ok . . . the second word
The mob: "V"!!

I walked past the desk of a 4th grader on Thursday and noticed she had a big colorful picture of the cast from High School Musical. The saddest part is that the picture didn't say "High School Musical" anywhere. I just recognized the characters.

Matt and Lisa got a new dog. It's an older dog that another family had to get rid of. He's pretty well trained in being a family dog. The previous owners said that he was very intelligent. Yesterday he tried to walk onto the pool cover and fell into the pool.