its that time again

You know it. That "we're going away for a few days, and I don't think all this watermelon will still be good on Monday, so I better eat it all tonight" time. I took one for the team and gobbled it all down. Is it bad when eating makes you sweat?

Tomorrow morning we leave for the 10th and 11th grade retreat (aka the jump off stuff retreat). We'll be there until Sunday evening.

We finally have a nickname for one of the guards of our building who had been nicknameless for quite some time. You may recall that we had names for some of the others: Baldy Balderson, Mumbles, My Cousin Vinny. But the guy who has been the most consistent daytime guard for the last six months or so didn't have one . . . until now. We shall call him Wally Armour (or maybe the used car salesman) . Because of him, three different people have come to look at our car and are interested in buying it. One was his nephew, one was a friend, and one is a construction worker who is building a house in our neighborhood. There have been two in the last two days. Of course when we actually are ready to sell the car in June, those guys will probably not be interested anymore.

I'm going to go do two things that I won't do much of in the next few days: shower and sleep.