greatest hits

I'm stealing this idea from Tim. He pretty much suggested it, so I don't feel bad. Here is a list of my personal greatest hits (memorable moments). Like Tim, I will not list the obvious (wedding, birth of my children, the first race of every NASCAR season since 1981). Also like Tim, I will probably think of a bunch more later, so I may have to post a volume 2.

In no particular order:

-holding Robin's hand while watching 10 things I hate about you. Its funny how memorable events can make otherwise cheesy teen movies special.

-starting my first college game at QB as a freshman . . . and winning. I think we still hold the record for offensive plays run in a game with 88 (is that right?). We literally moved three yards a play for the entire game. I'll never forget practicing option pitches in the Urbana University theatre before the game. We were hiding our offensive strategy. I should have retired after that game.

-playing the Camp Wanake year-end staff party in 2002. It was one of the rockinest concerts we ever played.

-my first drive to Erie, PA in 2001.

- interviewing Miguel DeJesus for a Spanish project. Miguel was the bass player for Smalltown Poets. They played at Malone on a Sunday night. The following Monday, I had a project due in Spanish class in which I had to interview someone from Latin America. Sunday arrived, and I hadn't finished (or begun) the project yet, but I wasn't going to miss the concert. After the concert, I walked up to the stage and asked Miguel where he was from. Puerto Rico. He graciously agreed to an interview. Awesome.

- Marietta 35 Parkersburg South 32. The last game of my first year as a football coach and one of the best football games I've ever been a part of. Parkersburg South entered the game 8-0. We (Marietta) were 2-7. If there were betting on high school football, we would have been 40 point underdogs. They had more than 100 players; we had about 40. I've already given away the ending. We won 35-32 . . . on a last second field goal by a freshman. For some reason, the game was televised. I'd love to show you the game some time if you come visit. South went on to win the West Virginia AAA (the biggest division) state championship with a record of 13-1. We were the 1.

-the first time Jeremiah said Uncle Bryan. It was probably another year before he said Aunt Robin and two years before he said Grandma.

- going to see the Indians at Spring training in Florida. (George Brett wasn't there, but it was still cool.)

-seeing R.V. Brown (chaplain for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) speak at an FCA camp in North Carolina and seeing hundreds of previously stubborn tough guys in tears. I also saw Tony Dungy and Bobby Bowden speak at that camp.

-playing in a summer league state championship baseball game in 1998. I'm not going into much detail about this because it still hurts to talk about it.

-seeing Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken and Jill Phillips in concert in Pittsburgh a few years ago.

-watching Ohio State win the National Championship in 2003.

-the trip that Robin and I took to Put-in Bay for our second anniversary.

-winning the first place trophy for the Geometry and Measurment division of the Stark County Math Tournament in 5th grade.

-catching a bunch of walleye on Grandpa's pontoon on a rainy morning many years ago.

-climbing Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

-the night that Tony, Kurt and I stayed up real late playing cards with Hawk and Lonnie (two of the trip coordinators) during the Stuebenville mission trip. Who else was there? Our brothers? Roy?