fun food facts

If you put bananas in a plastic bag and then put them in a refridgerator, they will be black within two days.

A bowl of chocolate ice cream in the afternoon can erase all your troubles.

I've been in a cereal mood. I go through phases. I'll go weeks without eating breakfast and then eat toast with pineapple jelly every morning for a week straight. Lately, its been Rice Crispies. I'm kind of rediscovering how good they are. When I go to bed at night, I count down the hours until Rice Crispy time. I'm sure it will pass. In case you're wondering, I still can't eat cereal in front of others . . . or watch them eat it.

On part of a recent test in which the students had to change fragments into correct sentences, the following appeared:

Behind the bank.

One student wrote: I ate a hot dog behind the bank. I guess that works. It doesn't seem as funny now as it did a few nights ago when I was up late grading tests. It would also be funnier if you knew the kid. He's the one who tried to carry a backpack full of liquids onto an airplane as we were leaving Chicago. That wasn't so funny.

I gotta go play apples to apples with Matt, Lisa, Kristin, Billy and Elizabeth.