come and go with me

Ah! I can't get it out of my head. Last week in my Thursday elementary classes, we were talking about vocabulary for rooms of the house, so we listened to the song Big House (audio adrenaline). Today I took my guitar in with me, and we sang it. Well, I sang the verses and they joined me quite loudly on the chorus. I was amazed at how well they remembered the song after a week. Anyway, the dumb song is now lodged in my brain and will not come out. The worst part is that it just keeps sneaking up at random times. The even worster part is that eveything I see/hear/smell gets turned into that song.

Come and go with me to the kitchen sink.

I don't know if you got a cup in which you can put green tea.

She's a big, big wife . . . (that one almost got me punched on a few occasions)

Its a small, small apartment with only three bedrooms . . . a small, small refrigerator with hardly any food . . . a decent sized yard, which is actually a parking lot

Maybe this will get it out of my head. Is it worth it?

Peanut butter is not flamable. I tested it tonight. It melted but did not catch fire.