7:00 - Teacher devotional

7:30 - I was supposed to have class, but there had been a change in the schedule. The good news was that I had some time to prepare for a busy day. The bad news was that the rescheduling had put my 10th/11th grade class at the same time as my 4th grade class. We came up with a temporary solution to get us through the day.

8:15 - 7th grade English.

9:00 - 4th grade spelling test and spelling activities.

10:05 - 10th/11th grade English

10:50 - 3rd grade English

12:00 - 3rd grade English (the other 3rd grade class)

12:55 - 7th grade Science (two lessons)

2:25 - Teacher devotional - Every other Thursday the students leave one period early, and the teachers spend the last class period in a devotional lesson. It takes a lot of effort to listen attentively after a long day.

3:10 - Guitar lessons. I am going to be leading some guitar classes after school on Thursdays. I thought the lessons were going to start in a week or two. A couple kids found me after school and said they had their guitars ready. It was a bit of an unorganized lesson, but it worked out. It will probably take three or four lessons before they are better than me.

4:30 - Take Robin home and pick up shoes.

5:15 - Basketball. It was the first time we've played Thursday night basketball since I got back. There was a guy playing with a prosthetic leg.

7:30 - Spaghetti. I made half a box and ate almost all of it. Actually, I could have eaten all of it. There were about four or five bites left, but I put it in a container and fridged it. I just didn't want to be the guy who makes a pot of spaghetti and eats it all.