not a good start to the morning

Let me set the stage a bit. The fan in our bedroom stopped working awhile ago, so I took it apart, jiggled some wires and got it to work - most of the time. My lack of confidence in its abilities has kept me from putting it all back together yet, so it looks like this.

Ok. Here we go. Its about 5:15. I just got out of the shower and have come up to our bedroom. I'm still a bit wet (a key fact). Because my actual attire (just a towel) would be inappropriate, I have replaced myself in the following shots with pictures of a man who is fully dressed and carrying fire wood.

The result. It was actually pretty swollen and much worse earlier today.

The moral: If you shock yourself and then bang your knee really hard on a metal bed post first thing in the morning, things can only get better for the rest of the day.