I think I'll start with a joke

What goes, "wee-oo0, wee-oo0, wee-oo0 . . . grrr . . . wee-oo0 . . . shut up you piece of . . . wee-oo0 . . . smack . . . wee-oo0 . . . shuffle-shuffle (of feet) . . . wee-oo0 . . . pop . . . snip snip . . . aah (sigh of relief)?

Give up? Its a 1988 Toyota who's alarm won't stop going off on a Monday morning, some cursing by the owner, the sound of the owner throwing the keys at the car (which surprisingly didn't help), the owner running into the house, returning with a pair of needle nose plyers, opening the hood, cutting the wires to the alarm and finally being able to think straight.

So, our car no longer has an alarm. Actually it still has an alarm, but there's no siren to let us know when its activated. The lights still flash, and the car will still turn off if I don't press the secret button after ignition. I might try to reconnect the sirens, or I might not.

How about another joke . . .

Why did the motorcycle rider crash?

He was driving his motorcycle uphill on a busy road while typing a text message on his cell phone.

I just witnessed this a few minutes ago while I was driving home. I didn't actually see him crash, but I imagine he did at some point. I almost crashed from disbelief when I was passing him, and I realized why he had been driving so slow and swervy.

In other news . . .

We spent the last two days at a teacher retreat. My stomach had a rough day today. Either I wasn't completely over the flu, or its another parasite. I'm feeling better now. I have my first day with students on Thursday.