a good week

The first week of school went pretty well. I hesitate to get too excited yet, but the 7th graders seem like a good class. They behave well, they do their work, and they seem to almost enjoy classes. I say I hesitate to get excited because I've heard that often 7th graders begin the year pretty scared (7th grade starts High School in CR). Then as they get more comfortable, they get lazier, rowdier and grumpier. We'll see how it goes, but I'm very optimistic. I had three more of them join class late, which brings the total to a whopping 27. That's a heap of 12/13 year olds. The 10th and 11th graders have also been good so far. My first day of elementary class was an adventure. There was a bit of a schedule confusion, and I had to teach two lessons to a third grade class when I was only expecting to teach one. "Um . . . so you guys know any jokes?" It was ok, and the confusion should be all worked out now.

Our car is one step closer to being legal. The third time was the charm for passing revision tecnica. It failed the second time because of a water-filled brake light. It passed on Friday morning. All thats left is to pay the registration fees and get some insurance, which expired while we were in the US.

Robin and I watched Once tonight. I had been wanting to see it, but I didn't think it would be available here yet. Matt and Lisa watched it last night. Today Matt asked me if I would drop it off at the video store on my way home from their house. As it turned out, our house was on the way to the video store. I brought it home, and Robin and I watched it. I really liked it, but it was another one of those movies that I was supposed to like. Robin seemed to like it too. Good music.