where have all the parties gone?

Today was weird. We didn't go to any parties . . . or meet a bunch of friends at a restaurant . . . or have a bunch of people over to play cards . . . or paint the hallway.

Well, what did you do Bryan?

I set up pins for about 400 frames of bowling for Walker and Jeremiah.

I went to Rite Aid and bought a thank you card and a 24oz Bud Light at 10:00am.

I went to an EC baseball workout and played basketball for the first time in three weeks. I'm way out of shape.

I went to see the progress on Uncle Mike and Aunt Shirley's "new" house.

The end of the holiday parties also means we are coming to the end of our time here at home (err . . . are we on vacation and now heading home?) Chicago will be fun, getting back to Costa Rica will be nice, but we will definitely be sad to leave here. Thanks to all of our friends, family and churches. If we didn't get to see you this time, we'll catch you in the summer.