Wheaton Academy, Wade Center, Working

Friday was another busy but good day. We had our last day of class at Wheaton Academy. The theme for the day was games, so you'll see pictures of our kids teaching some traditional games to the Wheatonites. We also spent a lot of time exchanging cards and gifts and taking pictures. The students really connected well during the two weeks there. In the afternoon, we went to the Wade Center on the Campus of Wheaton College where we saw displays about seven well-known authors. In the evening, our students worked with the mentally handicapped ministry at the church. It was a new experience for them. They helped with dinner, singing, crafts and games. Due to certain restrictions, I can't post any pictures of those activities. But I can post these:
teaching suiza

playing jacks Luke (a Wheatonite) preparing to try a trompo. You think you could do this, but you couldn't. I tried, and I threw the top and string all together against the wall. Watch the video at the bottom to see how its done. Ricardo, explaining juggling
Ricardo, juggling
This is Luz, one of the cleaning ladies who is from Chile. She was like a grandmother to many of our homesick girls. Boys from the class - Some of them are wearing the new t-shirts they received as gifts from the academy
Girls from the class
All the students At the wade center
Robin, standing beside a wardrobe that C.S. Lewis used to play in. She tried to go in, but I had to stop her.