a typical day

I brought the camera to the school today to get some good pictures, but I didn't bring charged batteries. So I'll try to do that tomorrow. For now, I'll give you a brief description of how the days have gone so far.

Robin and I pick up one student in the morning and arrive at school around 7:45. From 8:00-11:00 we are in a Conversational Spanish class. There are 8 students from the school here in Wheaton and the 11 students we brought from CR. Our students are in charge of teaching most of each class, but we jump in from time to time. Our students have done well with their lessons, and the Wheaton students have been very willing to participate. We have lunch from 11:00 - 11:45. Our students attend different classes in the afternoon. One is in Interior Design, four are in a scrapbooking class, one plays floor hockey, and five go bowling. Robin and I have been bouncing around in the afternoons. I went bowling today with some of our students. I bowled a 178 (my best score ever - I think the Wii helped). The afternoon classes end at 2:30. We finish the day with a debriefing meeting. Then, Robin and I take a bunch of the students home in the van. It takes about a half hour. We've had things to do every night. Monday nightwe had a dinner with all the host families. Last night we went with Lisa to a book rescue place to get books to take back to CR and use in our classes. Tonight we have a Youth Group meeting at the church. All has gone well.