My daughter is dating a blue man

That phrase has turned this night upside down. I could explain why, but its more fun not to. I was hoping to use this rather uneventful night to catch y'all up on the last few days, but the events of this evening have turned an uneventful night eventful. Basically, I'm too tired to write much.

Monday we went into Chicago to do a few things.

Yesterday we went skiing in Wisconsin. It was a bit stressful getting everyone going, but it turned out to be a great day. I only crashed when I got too cocky. Many of the students only crashed when they were on skis. I lost my cell phone at some point during the day, but someone found it and returned it.

Today we worked at an outreach community center.

I met a woman who is allergic to Calormine Lotion. I wonder if it makes her break out in a rash. If so, what does she put on the rash? If you're wondering why we were talking about Calormine Lotion, see the photo below of the kids painting.