faux toes

Jimena, Peter and Ricardo checking out this month's issue of Fear of Haircuts magazine
A few Wheaton students trying some Gallo Pinto as part of Costa Rica culture day in class
More students getting their pinto on
Ricardo and Harry juggling between classes.

New vocabulary words
The Wheaton students took our kids to Scooby's today as part of Wheaton/Chicago culture day. Scooby's is famous for hot dogs.

We pretty much filled the place

A few of the students were invited to come watch how they make french fries.
Before taking this picture, I asked Robin if it was weird to take a picture of a hot dog. She gave me permission, so here it is - probabaly the best hot dog I've ever had. Honestly, I don't really know what the hot dog part tasted like, but the pickles and tomatoes were good.

Our kids got free milkshakes for doing this.

Camilo and Natalia with their free milkshakes
This is the van I've been driving.
Floor hockey class