Dear Wal Mart . . .

. . . you owe me $21.08. I bought a pre-paid cell phone from one of your stores in Ohio. I also tried to buy a card to add minutes to the phone. After I had paid for both, I found out that the phone card could not be activated. 45 minutes and four employees later, it was decided (guessed) that the money I had paid for the phone card would be returned to my debit card. It never was. Today I went to a different Wal Mart in Illinois. I took the receipt that showed the attempted return of funds and a printout of my bank statement which showed that the funds never were returned. Easy enough. It took three customer service reps to tell me that I would have to resolve the issue at the original store (We won't be back there for six months). Apparently the receipt says that I was given the $21.08 in cash to compensate for the faulty phone card. I know that it is nearly impossible to prove, but I can promise you with God and the lady from the electronics department as my witnesses, I did not receive any cash.

I WILL get my money back. My friends and family often refer to me as a cheapskate. I prefer the term Good Steward. Either way, you should know that $21.08 is a big deal to me. How will I get it back?, you may ask. Well, lets just say that if you find a bunch of grapes that don't look as full as they should be . . . or an open, half-eaten bag of Doritos . . . or 11 cans of Raspberry Iced Tea in the 12 pack box . . . or 5 pairs of tube socks in the 6 pack bag . . . or a new high score on the bowling game on the display Wii . . . or sticks of deodarant on the shelves that seem to be a bit used, I am probably the reason. Also, don't put it past me to show up around lunchtime on Free Sample Saturday and wander around aimlessly unti l I've had my fill.

See you soon,