The last two days have been much like the first 19 were here in Wheaton: full. Let's recap.

Yesterday morning our students helped with an ESL program at the church. They were divided into different rooms to help with childcare for adults who are taking English classes. They seemed to really enjoy working with the little ones. It was interesting because English is not the first language of our students nor of the kids they were watching. But most of the little kids did not speak Spanish, so they had to speak English to each other. We didn't get any opportunities to take pictures.

We spent the rest of the day in Chicago. First we went to the Hancock building . . .

. . . and visited the observatory

Next, we visited the Field Museum of Natural HistoryThen, we had Chicago pizza.

And finally, we saw the Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theatre. (Have a fruit roll-up. Aren't you gonna eat it?!!) The tickets for the show are normally $60, but thanks to the daughter who dates a blue man, we all got in for free. The kids loved it. Even though there were many marshmallow, twinkie and cereal eating bits, I also really enjoyed it. Photos were strictly prohibited during the show, but I got this picture in the lobby afterwards. I found it especially touching that these fellas who would be otherwise outcast by society because of their blueness have found their place and even become icons.

Today, we worked with the ESL program again in the morning.

Then a family who recently returned from a mission trip to our school in Costa Rica made/ordered typical Costa Rican food for our kids. They loved it.

Our camera had been in the van for awhile and was very cold, which resulted in the blurry photo. But I think its cool. It makes it look dreamy . . . or like I took it through a window on a cold wintry evening.