1 and 3/4 men

Krystal and Robin went shopping at some outlet malls today, and I watched Jeremiah and Isaac all by myself. I used to watch Jeremiah by myself pretty often when he was younger, but two boys at a time was a new challenge. It went well except for . . .

- Both boys filled their diapers in a 20 minute period. Jeremiah hadn't made many transactions lately, so he had a lot to offer.

- Jeremiah broke my heart at lunch.

Me: Jeremiah, do you want hot dogs for lunch?
J$: (enthusiastically) yeah!
I spend about a half hour preparing an awesome hot dog, green bean and noodle lunch. Jeremiah eats one piece of hot dog and then gobbles down all the green beans. I keep trying to get him to eat more hot dogs, but he won't.
Me: Jeremiah, why won't you eat more hot dogs?
J$: They're not tasty.