won't you back that thing up

The computer.

Robin says I should back up all our computer files onto disks. She's right . . . I should, but I don't feel like doing it right now. I think I'll go play my guitar instead and back up the files later tonight. Hopefully the computer doesn't explode before then.

Other than that, we've been doing a bunch of things to get ready to travel. We had a Christmas lunch and gift exchange at school today. My amigo secreto got me a hat. Its pretty cool. The school also gave each person a bag of fruit and a tin of oreo cookies. And we were concerned that we wouldn't have dinner for the next few nights before we leave.

A tale of two toyotas
Did you know that we own two Toyotas in two different countries? Put together they are about the size of one normal car. And did you know that both of those toyotas are currently in need of some work? Dad told me yesterday that our Ohio Toyota is currently at a shop getting new tires and balancing so it will be ready for us to use while we are home. At the same time our Costa Rica Toyota is getting ready to go to the mechanic to have the carbuerator replaced. Its another one of those eerily beautiful "throw the trash bag box away in a trash bag" situations.