What did the snail say when he was riding on top of the turtle?


Sometimes we (church musicians) get super concerned/stressed about how the music is going to go for a particular service only to find that everything turns out just fine, and there was really no need to be so worried. That was definately not the case on Saturday night. I was worried that things would be bad . . . and they were.

What went wrong, Bryan?

1. There was a meeting in the sanctuary, so we couldn't get in to get set up and prepared until later than we wanted.
2. The lead (and only) singer for the service had never practiced with us, so he began and repeated parts of songs at unexpected times.
3. The saxafonist had never practiced with us, so he saxafied unexpected parts of the songs.
4. Whoever was responsible for bringing the power point with the words didn't bring it. But we did project a nice Christmas scene on the screen.
5. About two minutes into the first song, the monitors cut out and never came back.
6. The drummer slowed way down on a few songs (mostly due to the lack of monitors).
7. One song turned into percussion fest and was enirely too loud.
8. After spending so much time learning all the new songs, I had played everything pretty well . . . until the last part of the last song. The singer hit me with an unexpected chorus repeat, and the rest of the band hit me with an unexpected "lets go with just Bryan's guitar on this part". I got lost and couldn't find my way back. After a few painfully bad attempts to find my place, I quit and we finished acapella.

We made some changes, and the two services yesterday went a little better.