pico blanco

I climbed a mountain today. I went with Matt, Lyndsey, Lynnea, Eduardo (the Bible teacher) and William (Eduardo's son). There were a few others who were supposed to go, but they couldn't make it. Robin and Kristen had a sleepover last night with girls from their Bible study, so they weren't able to go either. Here is a picture of the mountain from our bedroom. The yellow arrows represent the path we trod.
Here we are as we began the climb. Me, Matt, Lyndsey, Lynnea, William and Eduardo (top to bottom, left to right)
Here we are on the way up.

That's San Jose in the background
This was pretty scary.

It looks like they are sitting on the very peak of the mountain (like the frozen guy in Mr. Deeds). Actually this is not yet the top, but its still cool.

This is a sign at the highest point.
Those are clouds . . . below us.

This has nothing to do with Pico Blanco. This is another listening section from a trimester exam for your listening pleasure. I needed something that was about excuses, so I thought I could recreate the first phone conversation between Robin and myself. I changed the names for privacy. Henry = Bryan. Emma = Robin.
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